Black Creative Stars Mentorship

The Black Creative Stars Actors will receive mentorship from the ForeMedia Global Ambassadors. The third tier of the Black Creative Stars enables celebrity creators and influencers to mentor the Black Creative Stars, give them practical guides and insight into the innovation and creative industry. The Ambassadors also promotes the BCS across their influence community, social media platforms and helps to cultivate customers passion for a brand.


ForeMedia Group showcases and celebrates afrocentric talents and creators all over the globe. Our high-profiled events and programmes are aimed at achieving this.

Black Creative Stars

The Black Creative Stars aims to address young black people's challenges with interest and passion for creativity. To empower young black people and address disadvantaged economically and educationally to gain employment in the creative industry.

Sponsorships & Partnerships

With a shared vision of bringing people together, unique collaboration with development partners and best loved multinational brands joins forces to Empower African young Talents.

Brains & Talents Academy Awards

The golden global advertising and promotional opportunities that have been integrated into the weekly BTA Audition/Competition Reality Shows and BTA Academy Awards will empower corporate organisations with highly beneficial rewards.

Brains & Talents

Brains and Talents by ForeMedia is a Digital Global Talent Competition Show that has been set up to empower many young Afrocentric Artists and Creators.

How It Works

The Ambassadors support the participants during the internship/training and preparation for the Reality TV Competition and Academy Award. Ambassadors are creative industry experts who are willing to give back to society and receives moderate compensation from the ForeMedia Group. Ambassadors share their authenticity, different backgrounds, and stories in hopes of empowering others to step outside their comfort zones and seek meaningful relationships with Black Creative Stars and ForeMedia Group. Ambassadors are dedicated to working in a respectful, loving, creative, and collaborative environment

What’s it like to work at Better Up?

We have a big mission. And it takes inspired, dedicated people to help us achieve our ambitious goals. Our people are empowered to go above and beyond to reach their best self - and support each other - as we change the lives of members everywhere.