Rivalling the American Oscars, the Annual Brains & Talents Academy Awards has been placed on the list of high-profile events to showcase African talented creators in the field of Entertainment and Media. It will be shown across continents to an audience which is expected to be in the millions.

Discover Brains & Talents Academy Awards Categories

Film & Video

This award category celebrates some of the most year's exciting and creative music videos, music, musicians, artists, films, and directors.

Music & Podcasts

The award category is open to all artists, audio producers, from podcasters, to audiobooks, as well as sound designers working across all forms of Audio.

Video Games

Awarded to the video game that exemplifies overall excellence and creates a distinct gaming experience across all platforms and genres.


This award is based on the Graphic Arts Designers, Printing and Publishing producers.


The judges will be looking for a strong journalistic instinct and a riveting narrative. We encourage entries which cover local or regional stories.

Arts & Culture

This award category recognises those who have outstanding arts and culture representations with a significant high-quality body of creative work; or who have supported the work of arts and culture.

Being a global Brains & Talents Academy Awards Winner will make the Sky the Limit for exceptional black talents. Contestants will magically become household names & open many golden doors to the worldwide, colossal opportunities in the spheres of Entertainment & New Media.

Fabulous Prizes for the Brains & Talents Academy Awards Winners

These must-have prizes which will be publicised at a later stage on the Brains & Talents App, website, and social media outlets, will be provided by the top global corporations, organisations, and venture capitalists, which endorse the ForeMedia Groups' and BT's altruistic ethos. These prizes, which will be given to the winners and runners-up in all six entertainment and media categories, will incorporate various benefits.

These comprise mentoring by a famous expert; high level training in a globally renowned establishment (either in Africa or overseas); substantial endorsements; a sizeable investment in the talent's brand - something which can empower him/her to be a worldwide success; advantageous ambassadorial deals; and top-grade management undertaken by the ForeMedia Group.

To have this golden opportunity

The Brains & Talents Academy Awards will open a whole new spectrum of Academy Awards by offering an extremely impressive range of six different categories – Film & Video, Music & Dance, Podcasts, Video Games, Publishing & Journalism, & Arts & Culture – so if you have exceptional talent, then the world wants to see you in action.