A Win-Win For Corporate Sponsors & Partners

The golden global advertising and promotional opportunities that have been integrated into the weekly BTA Audition/Competition Reality Shows and BTA Academy Awards will empower corporate organisations with highly beneficial rewards.

Designed For Massive Global Audience Potentially In Billions while Promoting Corporate Sponsors And Partners

Being associated with such mega success and having the surety that an ethical and altruistic digital media and entertainment start-up is already on a winning track due to its constant upgrading of cutting-edge technology, and well-established leading entertainment programs, means that forming a partnership with the ForeMedia Group's Talent Initiative, Brains & Talents Africa (BTA), is a long-term win-win situation. And companies of all sizes, and in all sectors.

Creative Economy

The creative economy is made up of cultural & creative industry sectors that generate annual revenues of US$2,250 billion & global exports of over US$250 billion. According to recent forecasts, these sectors will represent around 10% of global GDP in the years to come. The cultural & creative industries currently provide nearly 30 million jobs worldwide & employ more people aged 15−29 than any other sector.

Creating Employment and Community Investment

As multi-media is employment-intensive, this corporate support could also help successful talents who are given great opportunities and careers because of their exposure, and as such, could bring employment and much needed income to their home communities, thus helping to transform suffering societies, and aid in the great Africans and Africa Transformation.

Corporate Governance Policy

At the ForeMedia Group, we are committed to first-class corporate governance. This promotes the long-term sustainability of our business, and provides a solid Board of Directors, Investors and Stakeholders. Relationships between these parties strengthen accountability and help build public trust in the Company.