A Win-Win for Corporate Sponsors & Partners

An average African youth is blessed with so much gift and talent that are distinct and all unique. These talents crosses across different categories. Some unknown and queer and some common and normal. Whatever category it is, we at ForeMedia are seeking those young Africans to come up and put their talents in use. We appreciate diversity. We appreciate intelligence and we appreciate talent.
We have a vision of bringing people together, collaborating with partners and multinational brands to empower African Young Talents. Whether our creatives are professional amateurs, they are appreciated with their respective unique talent and ability and they are welcomed to be part of us.
We have provided a platform whereby all, irrespective of their social background and social class can be a part of this fantastic opportunity to showcase their unique skills on National & Global TV in front of billions of people thereby empowering them to gain a high level of recognition and fame, be offered new and continuous training and to stand a high chance at sponsorship and mentorship.
We are designed for a massive global audience potentially in the billions and we promote corporate sponsors and partners. Forming a partnership with the ForeMedia Group’s Talent Initiative, Brains & Talents Africa (BTA), is a long-term win-win situation because the ForeMedia group is a group with mega success, ethical digital media and an entertainment start-up which is already on a winning track due to its constant upgrading of cutting-edge technology, and well-established leading entertainment programs. Our partnership programme is open to companies of all sizes, and in all sectors.
Here at ForeMedia, we operate a creative economy and the creative economy is generally made up of cultural & creative industry sectors that generate annual revenues of US$2,250 billion & global exports of over US$250 billion.
This is a reason to partner with us. The cultural & creative industries also provide nearly 30 million jobs worldwide & employ more people aged 15−29 than any other sector thus, helping to transform suffering societies, and aid in the great Africans and Africa transformation.
At the ForeMedia Group, we are also very committed to first-class corporate governance that promotes the long-term sustainability of our business, and provides a solid Board of Directors, Investors and Stakeholders. We have a solid relationship between these parties and it has helped to strengthen accountability and help build public trust in the Company.

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