Brains and Talents UK

The BT UK being a fast growing, mega success startup competition show, have organized an avenue for young African talents to display their talents on a global scale. Our aim is that this talents and ability reaches the eye and ears of billions of people all over the world. Brains and Talents by ForeMedia is a Global Talents Digital Competition Show that has been set up to empower many young Black artists and creators. It has been placed on the list of high-profile events to showcase African talented creators in the field of Entertainment and Media.
We aim at having a wide and broad reach as our creatives are very talented and would inspire and also draw the attention of people worldwide. Our contestants will magically become household names and open many golden doors to the worldwide, colossal opportunities in the spheres of Entertainment and New Media. This programme has provided an opportunity for young Africans to showcase their skills on the National and Global scale, thereby empowering them to become world renowned and respectable in their field of art.
We are designed for a massive global audience potentially in the billions and we promote corporate sponsors and partners. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner in your field of art, you’re invited to be part of BTA UK. We have a unique ‘Equality for All’ policy, which aims at offering UK black talents an opportunity to showcase their unique skills and talents on National & Global TV in front of billions of people thereby exposing them to a lot of opportunities like fame in their field, continued and new training, a high chance of sponsorship and mentorship and the potential to establish a lifelong employment.
To be eligible, your origin must be from Africa. You also have to be between 16 to 40 years of age and be interested in either Music, Acting, Singing, Producing Movies or TV Shows, Video Gaming Development, Art, Journalism or Literature. 

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