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ForeMedia Group To Debut Own Reality TV Show

Known for its undying knack for promoting excellence among the youths of African root, ForeMedia Group, an Afrocentric digital media platform, is set to launch a reality show to hunt for and nurture talents among the African youngsters in the diaspora. The show is billed to take-off in US and UK this year.

Tagged “Brains & Talents”, the essence of the event is to empower black creators and artistes, and showcase the innovative talents of young black individuals and avail them the opportunity to get into various rewarding career pathways in the fields of new media and entertainment.

According to Ambassador Hareta Oralusi, Chairman of ForeMedia Group International, the programme is designed to offer support to individuals of all backgrounds and ensure that the underrepresented communities in Africa, United Kingdom and United States have equal access, while the physically challenged will not be left out in the talent hunt.

“The exposure on Brains and Talents can fulfill the participants’ dreams and career ambitions; and as multi-media is employment-intensive, if the talents are successful, they can also help to bring employment and much needed income to their communities.

“Ultimately, the projected long-term drive is a greater economic opportunity for youths – something which in turn, will not only result in improvements in other areas of their lives, but for the globe at large,” he effused with optimism.

To ensure effective conduct, the show is broken down into stages which will be coordinated by different committees.

The first stage – audition – takes place twice a year. The first round, referred to as “open auditions”, are held within small venues across different cities of Africa where each participant will be issued a unique tag for easy organisation.

This will be followed by the “First Straw”, the second round with the judges in attendance, holding very early in the following year in bigger venues with facilities to handle large crowds. This will naturally take place in cities, including Lagos, Nairobi and Pretoria. The venues will be well arranged to take care of the waiting area for participants, the wings where they enter and leave, and the main stage area where they will perform.

On the eligibility, the chiarman explained that the applicants will be allowed into the contest after the verification of the information they submitted is completed, and are found to have complied with the terms and conditions of the show. They are then permitted to perform during the open audition close to their point of residence. If successful, they are offered space for the second round.

ForeMedia said it has put all machinery in motion to ensure smooth and effective take off of the event, adding that they will be featured live in all major social media platforms.

Apart from putting its company in the face of established and upcoming content creators in order to create more content for Enplayer, Sounds, Books as well as Art and Culture, ForeMedia noted that the main objective of Brains and Talents was to reward the discovered talents with a space in ForeMedia Academy where the successful candidates will be tutored on the nitty-gritty of the talent exploration and development.

“Brains and Talents means a lot to the group’s overall strategic goal to build an ecosystem for content creators and a credible distribution platform for their lifework.”

ForeMedia Advertising Introduces Screen Ads

ForeMedia Advertising, a global digital advertising platform, has added Screen Ads to its array of products to further expand the space for its clients’ products to reach their target customers across the world.

An arm of ForeMedia Group, an international media outfit with the main focus of helping black youths in all corners of the world to attain the fullness of their potentials, ForeMedia Advertising is reputed for having the greatest reach to Black communities globally.

With products such as Audio Ads, Video Ads, Podcast Ads, Display Ads and Sponsored Contents, ForeMedia Advertising had used its platform to support businesses and brands of all sizes, increased user engagement for business, and ensure its clients and products are visible wherever they are located in the planet.

The new product, according to the company’s management, promises to be a perfect solution to many challenges faced in the advertising world.

The solution comes with an extensive range of competitively priced cutting-edge services, including a compelling ‘one-stop solution for brands, agencies and advertisers. It also features prime location outdoor and indoor Digital Screen Ads which specifically targets Blackcommunities and public places with large Black crowds Aimed at hitting the global market, ForeMedia Advertising provides a great campaign with impact to reach clients’ audience on screens everywhere.

ForeMedia Group Joins London Chamber of Commerce, Its Black Business Association

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has admitted ForeMedia Group into its fold.

The globally recognised digital media platform joined the coterie of distinguished London-based business community recently.

ForeMedia’s LCCI admittance came shortly after the black business community of the Chamber equally approved its membership application.

Joining either of these associations doesn’t come cheap as applications are subjected to rigorous scrutiny to ensure that the would-be member possesses the wherewithal to stay consistent with their jealously guided principles.

Having committed itself to Afrocentric causes with the main focus of discovering and promoting the otherwise hidden talents among the black African community across the world, ForeMedia Group sought to use the Black Business Association of the LCCi to further expand its scope to ensure that more of its target public get access to its offerings. The membership will also avail it the opportunity to interface with other business concern with similar focus to collaboration and mutual benefits.

Enrollment into the organisations give members access to useful information and uncommon opportunities that can help them grow their businesses and help deliver more efficiently on their respective mandates.

ForeTVHub Presents Most Rewarding Pioneer Membership Program

ForeTVHub, a distribution platform for Afrocentric screen content, has commenced a Pioneer Membership Program which offers members exclusive access to the most popular artistes, digital creators, film producers, and media personas in the global space.

This innovation was introduced to enable users to get the best of ForeTVHub content such as news, sports, movies, arts and culture, games, podcasts, books and lots more. 

The Membership Program enables inductees to have access to all ForeTVHub news updates, newest and most popular movies on ForeTVHub Movie+, popular and top songs on ForeTVHub Sounds, top e-books and trending magazines on ForeTVHub Books..

The program, which is offered at no cost to applicants, is two-phased. At the initial stage, members start with the ForeTVHub Ivory and proceed to the Executive Ranking with higher privileges after three months of active and consistent engagement with the brand.

With this innovation, users are more informed and better entertained with the best and most exclusive Afrocentric contents on the globe.

Tuloh International: A Go-To For Professionals Seeking Greener Pasture Abroad

The growing influence of the internet has given more traction to the popular cliché – the world is a global village. The web is creating opportunities for people of different hues across all regions of the world to relate effective for mutual benefits.

Apart from the world of knowledge where education has become more liberalized, creating more access with relatively lower costs, one other area where the internet has shrank the world further is in job mobility. It is much easier for people, especially the youth, to move across trades, and up the ladder of their chosen career by taking advantage of the deluge of information available on the internet.

Interestingly, the information don’t come trickling, they pour! Thus, the frequency and its ubiquity can easily confuse any opportunity seeker. That is where institutions likes Tuloh International come into the stage to stand as a bridge between jobs seekers and their potential employers.

However, Tuloh International stands out among the park. In a world fraught with pretenders who take advantage of people’s desperation for job, the company goes the extra mile to assist professionals in getting the right job anywhere in the world and help them settle for business at the soonest possible time.

Since it began operations in 1999, the international recruitment agency has developed a good reputation as it formed successful long-term relationships with its partners and clients by providing them with innovative designs and effective solutions.

It is more visible in the health sector where it helps healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and care workers, from all corners of the world to fill lucrative vacancies outside the shores of their countries.

The United Kingdom has benefited more in its service as most of the recruits were offered placement in UK-based healthcare centres. In recognition of its efforts and capacity to do more, the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom accepted it into its code of practice for international recruitment list recently.

“We provide consultation services to international candidates on registering with UK professional regulatory bodies including NMC, HCPC and Social Work England. In addition, we also provide consultancy service on applying for UK NARIC’s comparability of international qualifications and English language proficiency assessment,” the company said about itself.

“We assist International Radiographers who are registered with Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). In the UK Radiographers mostly work within diagnostic and therapeutic radiography services based in the NHS and Independent Hospitals. We provide start to finish assistance to candidates in their journey towards joining a UK employer,” the company said about itself.

Part of the reasons Tuloh International is gaining ground among international job seekers is how it prepares them for their kind of desired job, and also go all out to ensure that they are not denied comfort as they takeoff with the job.

This it ensures through its global services which simplifies the immigration process for international professional migrates by taking the responsibility for all immigration requirements when deploying a workforce. It also makes effective use of the internet for the management of mobilization services.

Until recently when it acquired operation license in Zimbabwe, Tuloh International kept operational bases in the UK and Nigeria.

Is ForeTVHub Movies+ worth it?

Generally, movies have a way of lifting your mood and taking your mind off worrisome things. If you ever feel sad, depressed or lonely, watching a movie is a solution to feeling better and letting go of negative thoughts. Watching a movie is not just for entertainment but also a form of remedy.
Movies help us learn. We learn about new things, different perspectives, new places and the likes. Movies have the ability to reshape the way we see people and the world around us. Movies inspire. It inspires us to be better people and to do exploit. It makes us more tactical and logical in our thinking and acting. Movies create a feeling of happiness and excitement. It’s a medium to escape from reality and drama.
Simply watching a movie with your family and friends can be a way of bonding. It brings people together and relieves stress or tension. Movies often teach us important lessons and help us overcome life issues.
Movies allow you to experience and feel strong emotions. This would benefit those who may not be good at expressing their emotions because movies can prompt one to cry, laugh, panic or express their emotions. Watching movies prompts emotional release. This release of emotions can be therapeutic and also make it easier to express their emotions.
ForeTVHub allows you to maximally utilise the benefits of watching a movie through their various offers. ForeMedia brings to you a variety of movies that you can access at your convenience. Apart from movies, its platform has other components like TV shows, documentaries and Kids shows. Our movie platform shows movies of different genres such as Comedy, action, romance, fiction, science and the likes. You also get access to popular tv shows and animations.
When you ever feel sad, lonely or bored, a ForeMedia movie would help. You can access this movie on our Enplayer platform at;

ForeMedia Studios: Turning Ideas to Visual Storie

ForeMedia Studios is home to Creators. It specializes in developing movies, series, documentaries, shows, and distributing content through ForeTVHub, a digital platform for a complete Afrocentric type of entertainment and new media content distribution, marketing, and video streaming.
ForeMedia studios are well-placed to offer Creators facilities and services, backed up by award-winning technical and creative expertise for any form of production.
However, ForeMedia studios are passionate about producing culturally engaging and stimulating content that brings back the true essence and pride of Africans in the Africa continent and diaspora.
If a creator wants the best place to produce content, make a strong statement in creativity and interpretation of ideas, ForeMedia studios got all of this.
They are passionate about making a strong statement in creativity and supporting talented Creators
ForeMedia Studios Provides these major services,
• Pre-Event Services
ForeMedia Studios provide Pre-event marketing, social media posts, paid social media, and promotional video creation. Audio-visual recording (Music Videos, TikTok Videos, Movie shoot, etc.)
● Live Event Coverage Services
Live audio, Video Recording Services, Events Coverage. Live Creation for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, YouTube, and many more. ForeMedia Studios have covered different events in major cities in West Africa.
● Post Event Services
ForeMedia Studios also provides post-event content repurposing for inbound marketing. Distribution on all ForeMedia Platforms.
● Audio-visual recording services
ForeMedia Studios provide Audio-Visual recording services for Audio – Visual Podcasts, Audiobooks recording, etc.

Several Documentaries and TV shows like Hot Topics #The Interview, Esin o Faja Documentary, ‘As told by us Podcast’ and many more have been produced by ForeMedia Studios.

Step To Step Guide To Navigate the ForeTVHub Dashboard

A dashboard is a visual display of all of your data and luckily for ForeTVHub Users, ForeTVHub got you covered. ForeTVHub Dashboard has its page and receives information from a linked database.

ForeTVHub Dashboard is where users review their profile, orders, downloads, links, books, and payment history. Reports are available for up to 24 months and can be exported to a comma-separated value (CSV) file format for use in popular spreadsheet applications.

Here is a step- to- step guide to navigating the ForeTVHub Dashboard:

● Visit the ForeTVHub website and log in.

Go to the official ForeTVHub website and log in as a user or new customer. This will take you to the dashboard page.
● View Your Orders
On the right-hand side, you have access to five features on the dashboard.
First is the Orders.
Click on Orders and this will show you;
All orders
Completed orders
Active orders
Canceled orders.
When you click on any of these, it gives you information on the ID, site, and status of the product ordered. This allows the user to track his/her order. It also provides information on the price of the product and the date the product was ordered.
● Check Your Downloads
The second feature is Downloads. When you click on Downloads, it shows you the ID, product name, site, and price of the product downloaded. It could be movies, games, podcasts, music, etc. It also provides information on the file type and files downloaded.
● Easy access to ForeTVHub Brands
The third Feature is the ‘useful link Feature’. This gives users access to other ForeTVHub Brands (Sounds Enplayer Books News Arts & Culture Sports) directly. Users can get the most of the latest music, movies, podcasts, books, etc just by one click on any of the brands and it automatically takes them to the website.
ForeTVHub also allows users to upgrade their dashboards. Here are the easy steps to follow:
● Click on Upgrade Now
● Select a Payment Method – Free Membership, Paypal, and Credit card payments are available.
● Confirmation: Once your payment Method is activated, you will receive a confirmation mail regarding the upgrade.
Afterward, stay back and enjoy ForeTVHub, your gateway to unlimited Afrocentric experience. .

Why Should I Work With ForeMedia Studios?

ForeMedia Studios is a studio dedicated to producing high quality and authentic African stories. We cover Pre-Event services which consists of pre-event marketing, social media posts, audio visual recording and the likes. We also provide Live Event Coverage Services which includes live audio and video recording services, events coverage and so on. We also offer Post Event Services where we provide post-event content, marketing and the distribution on all our ForeMedia Platforms. Fore media also provides Audio-visual recording services and rental of recording studio facilities for and to our interested clients.
Here are 4 reasons why you should I work with ForeMedia Studio;

  1. Free access to props and studio equipment: Our studio has a variety of props and all other studio equipment that we can use to cover your video and shoot and make it very appealing. If any emergency breaks out like an equipment getting spoilt, we have a back up to ensure a smooth studio session. We always have an alternative and your comfort and satisfaction is our priority. We have a beautiful studio environment for your studio session with the right painting, frames and design to suit your taste. We are known for making high-quality productions for our clients.
  2. You would experience no interruptions with ForeMedia studio. We have a great team of renowned engineers who have mastery in what they do. By filming in our studio, we are able to control our experienced staff to know what to do and what to not do thereby, not causing any room for intrusion and interruption. Letting our team to cover you event for you assures you of a clean and clear audio and video recording with no interruption whatsoever. The engineer and everyone taking part of the shoot knows that they are filming and thus, they become very careful not to make sounds that can hinder the audio or video recording from bring clear and smooth.
  3. Saves Time Benefit: When you decide to film or shoot your audio or video recording by yourself, you would lose a lot of time trying to set up the camera and studio equipment. Here at ForeMedia however, we have years of experience in setting up studio equipment for recording and hence, we are experts at that. We save you the time and stress to set up your equipment. We also ease you of the time and stress taken into editing the audio or video files. That extra time we ease you of, can be used to get additional takes done, practice more with your team or take a break.
  4. We produce a beautiful and remarkable finished product: Our engineers have the technical know-how and the skills you’ll need for the perfect finishing of your work. Work with us at ForeMedia studios and we will make your audio or video recording sound better than you could ever imagine.

ForeTVHub providing Digital Afrocentric Content

African entertainment has constantly evolved over the years. Their cultures have continuously inspired the world through mediums such as film and music. The culture of Africa is very interesting due to the diverse countries and cultural differences. Africa is the world’s second most populous continent, and has the youngest population of any continent in the world with an average age of less than 20 years old.
Given this massive and increasingly tech-savvy generation of young African peoples, African entertainment has grown to a wider and broader level. This implies that many of Africans population are actively involved in entertainment. This has opened up new pathways for African creatives to share their work, ideas and stories in ways that were previously unimaginable.
Here at ForeTVHub, we serve timeless entertainment, news and finger licking cruise. We aim at depicting African culture through our everyday content. To remain accessible and conventional, African entertainers are adapting to a new media world that is time-sensitive, easily reachable and more interactive. ForeTVHub provides an opportunity for the world to be consumers of this never-ending African entertainment.
When it comes to African history and culture there is so much to learn about. ForeTVHub has provided a platform whereby this history and cultures can be shared in any part of the country through their content varying from news and entertainment to books and films. Entertainers and Influencers are able to share their social values, religion, morals, political values, economics and aesthetic values all contribute to African Culture. They have also provided a means whereby we can constantly be aware of what is happening in the African space through their news channel.
At ForeTVHub, we explore the books and films through the African narratives told by African entertainers. We also explore the day-to-day life and trends of Africans through news and podcasts where we cover a wide range of topics.

The All in One for Afrocentric Entertainment

Looking for interesting Afrocentric movies, music, podcasts, books, magazines, documentaries, Arts, and lots more, then don’t look far, ForeTVHub got you covered on all.
ForeTVHub is dedicated to distributing the most engaging and original content. It covers media and entertainment from both ForeMedia creators and notable third-party partners. The platform continues to delight both the creators and users in new ways.

ForeTVHub Sub-Brands:

● ForeTVHub News – ForeTVHub News gives you in-depth News, from Breaking News, Entertainment and Celebrity News, Diaspora News, Proudly African, Politics, Business, and many more. To get the most of happenings in Africa and the world at large, Visit

● ForeTVHub Books – ForeTVHub Books gives you access to a large number of E-Books, magazines, comics, and children’s books. Visit

● ForeTVHub Sounds – ForeTVHub Sounds give you access to the latest music, podcasts, and many more from African Creators. Sports, Entertainment, and Inspirational podcasts are at your fingertips, visit and enjoy the experience.

● ForeTVHub Movies + – ForeTVHub Movies + gives you access to free Unlimited Afrocentric Movies, TV shows, Top-rated documentaries, and kids shows. Visit today.

● ForeTVHub Arts & Culture – ForeTVHub Arts & Culture gives you in-depth on African Culture and Traditions. You get the latest news on Arts & Culture, Kids craft, Artefacts, African stories, and much more. Visit

● ForeTVHub Sports – ForeTVHub Sports incorporates everything sports, Football, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Wrestling, Motorsport, and many more. You also have access to sports analysis and Sports videos. Visit

● LiveTV – Live TV brings you original production from ForeTVHub. It gives you access to TV shows, Top-rated documentaries, and many more. Visit to know more.

ForeTVHub is packed with so many exciting Afrocentric contents at your fingertips, visit and enjoy Afrocentric new media and entertainment content for the Africans Global Community.