In an ever-evolving industry, content creators are expected to wear a lot of hats: social media manager, creative director, photographer, and so on.
Keeping track of all of these responsibilities might be difficult, but luckily, there are several helpful tools available to help. Here are the 5 must-have tools for every content creator.

● Content Research and Ideation Tools
Sometimes, creating content can be very overwhelming with deadlines, tasks and targets to meet. Between this, getting stuck with concept, idea generation and research might become a tough nut.

Content Research and Ideation tools help maintain creativity to keep you bursting with material to spark ideas. Tools like BuzzSumo, Reddit, Quora, Answer the Public and HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator are great tools to help you keep up to date with trends and create sick ideas for your content.

Safe to say; Creator’s block, be gone!

● Podcasting Tools
Podcasting has been made more accessible than ever and is expected to gain even more trends in 2022. Podcast recording equipment can be confusing to wade through and choose if you’re just starting out. There is a lot of podcast gear you can get but that doesn’t mean you need to get it all – and you can always expand your list of podcast equipment over time.

A quiet place, your cover photo, a USB or XLR microphone, a headphone and a computer or phone to edit is great for getting your audience hear your (actual) voice and podcast.

● Video Creation Tools
Visuals are known to be effective with content creation, production and distribution. The year 2021 saw social media features like Instagram reels, Snapchat, Facebook feed and TikTok grow with video content.

With tools like soft box lighting kit, ring light, backdrops, flexible tripod, microphone and lenses to help with focus and resolution, you are well on your way to becoming the next big influencer or content creator.

● Content Writing/Marketing tools
Content writing/marketing is a lot of boxes to tick. From errors, grammar structure, tone, to language variation. Tools like Hemingway, Grammarly, Yoast SEO, and Headline Analyzer are superpower apps to help you be at 110% with your content.

● Imagery Content Creation Tools
Whoever says looks aren’t everything either hasn’t met a great designer or doesn’t understand the importance of visual cohesion. Tools like Canva, Remove Background, Flourish, Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, Behance, Unsplash, etc. let you create amazing graphics, find and edit photos, and make everything you do look perfect – giving your content a distinct look and feel.

If you’re a designer and you haven’t heard of these apps, you’re in for a treat as they are a killer way of creating digital images.
This brings us to the end of our list. Explore these tools and voila! Your content is ready. Oh! Almost ready. How about distribution and traction?
The creative industry is a saturated and ever-evolving one where influence is measured by quality and unique content, trendiness, and ability to gain traction.
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