I know you are probably used to the slang “one apple a day keeps the doctor away” but guess what, reading a book is also a valuable way to live a healthy lifestyle and stay off Doctors. Regular reading increases vocabulary and cognitive development, prepares your mind to sleep, lowers your blood pressure and protects you from cognitive decline as you age.
Reading is a simple, enjoyable, and cheap habit that develops your mental activity and reduces stress. A book a day will keep not only the doctor but also anxiety, wordlessness, and insomnia away.
Researchers have found out that by reading every day, your chances of dying in the following 12-month period are even slimmer and you’ll be 23 percent less likely to die in the following year.
When you read a book, you’re giving your brain a little mental workout and this plays an important role in avoiding and fighting off neurodegenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
Reading also reduces stress big time. Imagine the effects of stress on the body, it may lead to high blood pressure, stomach issues, and headaches that can wreak havoc in your life, especially if you experience long-term stress. A study suggests that reading may reduce stress by 68 percent and this helps you to sleep better.
Your health is closely linked to the mental activity you expend when you read books. Taking one and a half hours to read every day, you will be glad you did because a whole smorgasbord of health benefits awaits you, not to mention the joy of discovery, the thrill of Imagination, and all the other mental benefits you enjoy as you flip through the pages of a great book.
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