ForeMedia Group, Global Ecosystem for Black Creators & Artists

At ForeMedia, we are the birth place and center of creativity. We believe that being creative is in the mindset of every African and we seek this creativity. Africa’s history, their geography, their culture and doctrine, their indigenes, their narrative, their everyday life and their general framework are all soaked in massive talents and creativity.
At ForeMedia group, we provide creative direction, mentoring, and distribution across the entire digital entertainment landscape to give African creatives a voice on a global stage through their films, books, sounds and paintings. We capture the stories and means of expression of an African creative.
Our group’s mission is to empower the Afrocentric content creators. We believe that great ideas inspire and ultimately change lives. And that is precisely why we want to empower African talent to rise to its full potential. One creative at the time.
We have various subsidiaries under the ForeMedia group and each of these subsidiaries aim at creating and supplying Afrocentric content to Africans and the world at large. We have the ForeTVHub where we serve timeless entertainment and news, we have the ForeMedia creators where creatives put out their works as content writers and creator, we have ForeMedia advertising which is a global digital platform that has the greatest reach to black communities over the world, we have the ForeMedia store where we provide a wide range of African products to shop from and many more.
We serve content in form of authentic African stories that will inspire our viewers to think, connect, and share. Imagine if every African creative was exposed to a platform where they could share their stories, films, music, arts and crafts at any time and from anywhere from where they can entertain, engage, and inform a global audience.
We have a studio dedicated to producing high quality and authentic African stories. We believe in elevating Africa’s media image by showcasing an inspired, progressive and accurate view of the continent. We also have a plan for investors who would be willing to invest their money and resources into the growth of the ForeMedia group.
ForeMedia Group is a pioneer in bringing best-in-class Afrocentric entertainment to audiences worldwide.

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