ForeMedia Group Launches Black Creative Stars Programme

A new study shows creative stars contribute far more than just status and additional knowledge to a collaboration. They bring a superior set of creative skills that allows them to push existing paradigms into new territories; to see new possibilities that others overlook; to uncover similarities across different perspectives; and to iteratively refine the most promising ideas.
ForeMedia Black Creative Stars aims to address young black people’s challenges with interest and passion for creativity. BCS will attract talented young black people on the street, school dropouts, unemployed.
The selects young people between the age of 16 – 24 years old to learn, create, distribute, and monetize in Media, Film & TV, Games Design, Music Performance & Production, Arts & Design, Journalism, and Arts.
The participants will learn about innovative education, skill acquisition, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. The programme duration is between one year – two years.
This initiative helps to reduce crimes and street life orientation, create employment opportunities and entrepreneurship and build a better life and wealth creation within the black and minority ethnic communities.
We have identified several young people interested in participating in the programme through Street Network, NGOs, and Social Service around our locations. The BSC will start in February 2022 in partnership with public and private sections.

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