ForeMedia Studios: Turning Ideas to Visual Storie

ForeMedia Studios is home to Creators. It specializes in developing movies, series, documentaries, shows, and distributing content through ForeTVHub, a digital platform for a complete Afrocentric type of entertainment and new media content distribution, marketing, and video streaming.
ForeMedia studios are well-placed to offer Creators facilities and services, backed up by award-winning technical and creative expertise for any form of production.
However, ForeMedia studios are passionate about producing culturally engaging and stimulating content that brings back the true essence and pride of Africans in the Africa continent and diaspora.
If a creator wants the best place to produce content, make a strong statement in creativity and interpretation of ideas, ForeMedia studios got all of this.
They are passionate about making a strong statement in creativity and supporting talented Creators
ForeMedia Studios Provides these major services,
• Pre-Event Services
ForeMedia Studios provide Pre-event marketing, social media posts, paid social media, and promotional video creation. Audio-visual recording (Music Videos, TikTok Videos, Movie shoot, etc.)
● Live Event Coverage Services
Live audio, Video Recording Services, Events Coverage. Live Creation for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, YouTube, and many more. ForeMedia Studios have covered different events in major cities in West Africa.
● Post Event Services
ForeMedia Studios also provides post-event content repurposing for inbound marketing. Distribution on all ForeMedia Platforms.
● Audio-visual recording services
ForeMedia Studios provide Audio-Visual recording services for Audio – Visual Podcasts, Audiobooks recording, etc.

Several Documentaries and TV shows like Hot Topics #The Interview, Esin o Faja Documentary, ‘As told by us Podcast’ and many more have been produced by ForeMedia Studios.

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