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African entertainment has constantly evolved over the years. Their cultures have continuously inspired the world through mediums such as film and music. The culture of Africa is very interesting due to the diverse countries and cultural differences. Africa is the world’s second most populous continent, and has the youngest population of any continent in the world with an average age of less than 20 years old.
Given this massive and increasingly tech-savvy generation of young African peoples, African entertainment has grown to a wider and broader level. This implies that many of Africans population are actively involved in entertainment. This has opened up new pathways for African creatives to share their work, ideas and stories in ways that were previously unimaginable.
Here at ForeTVHub, we serve timeless entertainment, news and finger licking cruise. We aim at depicting African culture through our everyday content. To remain accessible and conventional, African entertainers are adapting to a new media world that is time-sensitive, easily reachable and more interactive. ForeTVHub provides an opportunity for the world to be consumers of this never-ending African entertainment.
When it comes to African history and culture there is so much to learn about. ForeTVHub has provided a platform whereby this history and cultures can be shared in any part of the country through their content varying from news and entertainment to books and films. Entertainers and Influencers are able to share their social values, religion, morals, political values, economics and aesthetic values all contribute to African Culture. They have also provided a means whereby we can constantly be aware of what is happening in the African space through their news channel.
At ForeTVHub, we explore the books and films through the African narratives told by African entertainers. We also explore the day-to-day life and trends of Africans through news and podcasts where we cover a wide range of topics.

The All in One for Afrocentric Entertainment

Looking for interesting Afrocentric movies, music, podcasts, books, magazines, documentaries, Arts, and lots more, then don’t look far, ForeTVHub got you covered on all.
ForeTVHub is dedicated to distributing the most engaging and original content. It covers media and entertainment from both ForeMedia creators and notable third-party partners. The platform continues to delight both the creators and users in new ways.

ForeTVHub Sub-Brands:

● ForeTVHub News – ForeTVHub News gives you in-depth News, from Breaking News, Entertainment and Celebrity News, Diaspora News, Proudly African, Politics, Business, and many more. To get the most of happenings in Africa and the world at large, Visit

● ForeTVHub Books – ForeTVHub Books gives you access to a large number of E-Books, magazines, comics, and children’s books. Visit

● ForeTVHub Sounds – ForeTVHub Sounds give you access to the latest music, podcasts, and many more from African Creators. Sports, Entertainment, and Inspirational podcasts are at your fingertips, visit and enjoy the experience.

● ForeTVHub Movies + – ForeTVHub Movies + gives you access to free Unlimited Afrocentric Movies, TV shows, Top-rated documentaries, and kids shows. Visit today.

● ForeTVHub Arts & Culture – ForeTVHub Arts & Culture gives you in-depth on African Culture and Traditions. You get the latest news on Arts & Culture, Kids craft, Artefacts, African stories, and much more. Visit

● ForeTVHub Sports – ForeTVHub Sports incorporates everything sports, Football, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Wrestling, Motorsport, and many more. You also have access to sports analysis and Sports videos. Visit

● LiveTV – Live TV brings you original production from ForeTVHub. It gives you access to TV shows, Top-rated documentaries, and many more. Visit to know more.

ForeTVHub is packed with so many exciting Afrocentric contents at your fingertips, visit and enjoy Afrocentric new media and entertainment content for the Africans Global Community.

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