Press Release: ForeMedia Group Set To Support Black Owned Businesses around the World with Free Adverts

[London, United Kingdom]—In an effort to empower black business owners across the world, ForeMedia Group is launching ForeMedia Black Business Exclusive to advertise for black business owners at a free rate, starting from February 2021. ForeMedia Group is including this service as part of a philanthropic act to celebrate, empower and motivate black entrepreneurs from Africa, Europe and America.

ForeMedia is including this service as part of the company corporate social responsibility to empower and motivate black entrepreneurs from Africa, Europe and America.

We envision a future of strong growth for every black across the world and for those who are passionate and concerned about earning the dividends of their entrepreneurial investments. The creation of the ForeMedia Black Business Exclusive will help SMEs and solo operations to realize the power and importance of digital branding in the growth of their market. Participants will get a free consulting help from an advertising expert to understand your objective for advertising and expert recommendations.

ForeMedia Group PLC headquartered in London has been a technology driving new media and entertainment power house, which focuses on Africa and Africans in Diaspora targeting over 500 million audiences.

ForeMedia Black Business Exclusive will work closely with everyone interested in the offer to customize a practical and free solution for their business growth. Our professional team of Digital Marketers would professionally capture your business goals and translate them into measurable objectives.

 The programme will be a guiding mission to help black entrepreneurs across Africa, Europe and America to generate a powerful publicity for their brands, products and services.

Advertising on ForeTVHub will help in growing businesses and brands at no cost to increase user engagement for businesses and ensure


Interested persons should complete the application form on the website to register their business for ForeMedia Black Business Support.

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