ForeMedia Launches Live TV, Afrika Talent Show, Awards

  • Firm Named Among London’s Best Creative Agency Companies

The desire to access real-time African contents across the world has come to reality with the launch of Live TV by ForeMedia, an African Global Creative Media and Entertainment company pioneering digital live streaming of African events.

The announcement coincides with the organisation’s recognition among London’s Best Creative Agency Companies to work and buy from by the Best Startup UK as a mission-driven innovative organisation, set to improve the domestic and worldwide market for afro-driven content creation and distribution.

Founder and Chief Executive of the London-based organisation, Hareter Oralusi disclosed that Live TV gives significant degree of control over users’ preferred content in a virtual experience designed to offer the platform that supports excellent video and sound thereby making live streaming of TV show, documentary, and series quicker and simpler.

“With this new feature, content can reach anyone in the world distantly through live streaming, as users are not at any point restricted by geological or size imperatives. From Live TV, users will discover more than they wish for. Live TV is the brilliant answer anywhere, any time. It is innovatively strong, profoundly viable with all gadgets and operating systems, a solid accomplice in meeting your entertainment needs,” Oralusi noted.

Attesting to the top-notch technology, Bart Jaworski, a Senior Product Manager with Microsoft described the Live TV feature as a plus to the many successes ForeMedia have enjoyed in the last few years.

On his part, Timi Suara, Head of Business Operations said Live TV feature is “customarily needed as a method of widening the extent of our activities globally while additional staying faithful to our obligation of the limitless accessibility of Afrocentric content for all with only a single click.”

In addition to offering services, the media giant has also unveiled the Brains & Talents Afrika; an TV African Talents Show Competition created for live broadcast on ForeTVHub each week across fifty-four African nations, 44 in Europe and 35 nations in the Americas where winners are expected to become eminent personalities, specialists and easily recognized global names.

Also, in a bid to discover and reward talents and excellence, ForeMedia is also establishing the BTA Academy Awards through which it intends to discover, recognize, and reward exceptional African Creators and Artists on annual basis.

“BTA Academy Award is anticipated to be a computerized and social wonder that will routinely collect diverse perspectives across all advanced TV and video stages. This will bring about various well-known social transmission arrangement that will have a charitable drive to help sub-Saharan African gifts and conceivably make a great many positions in the sub-Saharan countries.

“The ForeMedia Group’s CEO, Hareter B. Oralusi, Co-founder; Otega Owumi, their broad supervisory group, and partners all around the globe, are largely assuming a urgent part in the objective to make sub-Saharan Africa a significant part in the world of digital entertainment and media. This will grow the economy, level up the way of life, and offer endless dismissed youth the opportunity to appreciate a worthwhile profession.

“At the point when the BTA Academy Awards are communicated across the world, a particularly significant fact will be featured and anybody with passion, drive, and determination, paying little mind to their background can make it in film and video; music and podcasts; video games, publishing, journalism, arts and Culture. In addition, the enormous watchers will hence be shown the sublime significance and greatness that will emerge from this initiative,” Oralusi disclosed.

Users can experience Live TV by visiting Existing users only need to provide log-in details to access its free contents while new users can sign up by providing email and password details to onboard in less than 2 minutes.

ForeMedia Group is the first digital ecosystem for creative individuals in Sub-saharan Africa that provides afro-centric content and media to individuals all over the continent by focusing on entertainment and new media for products and services which include content production, distribution, marketing, video streaming and advertising.

Established in 2017, The ForeMedia Group Plc aims to support sustainable creative initiatives so that creative Africans can learn, produce, distribute, and monetize their work. 

ForeMedia also creates a perfect new media and entertainment platform for young talented creators and small and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) to export and create a global market for commercially viable afro-centric content by leveraging on emerging technologies to delight both the creators and users.

Press Release: ForeMedia Group Set To Support Black Owned Businesses around the World with Free Adverts

[London, United Kingdom]—In an effort to empower black business owners across the world, ForeMedia Group is launching ForeMedia Black Business Exclusive to advertise for black business owners at a free rate, starting from February 2021. ForeMedia Group is including this service as part of a philanthropic act to celebrate, empower and motivate black entrepreneurs from Africa, Europe and America.

ForeMedia is including this service as part of the company corporate social responsibility to empower and motivate black entrepreneurs from Africa, Europe and America.

We envision a future of strong growth for every black across the world and for those who are passionate and concerned about earning the dividends of their entrepreneurial investments. The creation of the ForeMedia Black Business Exclusive will help SMEs and solo operations to realize the power and importance of digital branding in the growth of their market. Participants will get a free consulting help from an advertising expert to understand your objective for advertising and expert recommendations.

ForeMedia Group PLC headquartered in London has been a technology driving new media and entertainment power house, which focuses on Africa and Africans in Diaspora targeting over 500 million audiences.

ForeMedia Black Business Exclusive will work closely with everyone interested in the offer to customize a practical and free solution for their business growth. Our professional team of Digital Marketers would professionally capture your business goals and translate them into measurable objectives.

 The programme will be a guiding mission to help black entrepreneurs across Africa, Europe and America to generate a powerful publicity for their brands, products and services.

Advertising on ForeTVHub will help in growing businesses and brands at no cost to increase user engagement for businesses and ensure


Interested persons should complete the application form on the website to register their business for ForeMedia Black Business Support.

Press Release: ForeMedia Group Initiative Set To Launch ForeMedia Talent UK 2021

[London, United Kingdom]—ForeMedia Group is set to launch the ForeMedia Talent UK 2021. It is a concept that targets young black people, provides Skill Training, Entrepreneurship, and Mentorship across New Media and Entertainment sectors like Music, Movie production, Acting, Writing, TV presenting, Podcasting, Publishing, etc.

ForeMedia Initiative is registered as a Limited by Guarantee in the United Kingdom, a not for profit arm of ForeMedia Group PLC. It focuses on key issues, changing the young Africans and community for the betterment of the society.

We believe that Africa is the hub of great talents, even though a great percentage has not been discovered yet. ForeMedia Talent is our passionate empowerment initiative to provide a community-driven solution as a tool to drive societal change getting the young people to become more productive for a better and safer society.

We have recognized that the youths are the greatest assets. The youth population is rapidly growing and expected to double to over 830 million by 2050. Despite the raging growth in the population, we also realized that the majority of youths in Africa and several other continents do not have stable economic opportunities. In light of that, we have decided to launch ForeMedia Talent, a passionate idea focused at providing a community-driven solution in Africa, Europe and America through skill acquisition, entrepreneurship, and monetization initiatives. The Initiative will serve as a tool to drive societal change, getting the young people more productive for a better and safer society.

The vision of the project is to create 10,000 jobs by equipping youth to realize their full economic potential in the media and entertainment industry. The desired long-term outcome is expanded economic opportunity for both male and female black youths, which leads to improvements in other aspects of their lives.

It is opened to talented young black individuals who are interested in developing a career in the new media and entertainment sectors and are passionate about making real change.

We are keen to attract applicants who may be finishing education, those returning to work, early-stage careers in media and entertainment.

No pre-existing qualifications will be required and those already working within the sectors are also encouraged to apply.

ForeMedia Talent will connect with the community of artists, digital creators, movie producers, and media professionals to build, share, and promote content to a mostly targeted audience around the world.

Interested creators and artists will be supported to fine-tune their skills to get the most exposure and reward possible from their work. Every participant will be taught how to monetize and develop quality content to maximize their potential.

Interested persons should visit for guidelines on how to participate and registration process.

Press Release: The Making of ForeTVHub Pioneer, the Most Rewarding Membership Programme for Accessing Afrocentric Content

[London, United Kingdom]— We are pleased to inform the general public and enthusiasts of Afrocentric contents globally of the introduction of ForeTVHub Pioneers Membership. It is a membership programme that will offer unlimited access to every of ForeTVHub brands and also give members other exclusive benefits from our channel.

ForeTVHub Pioneer Membership would give you the exclusivity to access free and unlimited creative contents and Membership is absolutely free

The idea of  behind the innovation of the ForeTVHub pioneer membership was built on a vision of aspiring to be the best ethical company that educates, invests, produces and distributes Afrocentric content

The membership will help you get the most out of everything that the ForeTVHub has to offer. You have exclusive benefit to news, Celebrity Updates, Songs and Podcasts.

With your membership, you can stay up to date on the newest and most popular movies and TV shows available on the ForeTVHub Enplayer, the most popular artists and songs on the ForeTVHub Sounds, the latest selection of discounted and free books and magazines on ForeTVHub Books.

The membership will be two phased, that is, membership could increase in ranks, the higher the rank, the higher the membership privileges. In the initial stage, members will begin from the ForeTVHub Ivory ranking and eventually proceed to the ForeTVHub Executive ranking. To earn the ForeTVHub Executive ranking, you must be consistently active for three months

The parent company, ForeMedia Group, recognizes the need to be informed and the dangers attached to ignorance. This has fuelled the thoughtful creation of a convenience driven platform that gets people informed and entertained with the best of Afrocentric contents.

Intending members should visit to start and access the opportunity.

Press Release: ForeMedia Group to Partner with Black Creators around the World

[London, United Kingdom]— ForeMedia Group is pleased to announce a call for partnership between the organization and Black Creators from everywhere across the world. The partnership will be executed through ForeMedia Creator, a brand that we have tailored to run a series of free programmes and investment to help creators with the proper technical, business and creative skills they need to work in the broadcast and digital media industry, enhance their productivity and boost their content income strategy.

There would be no age preference in the absolutely symbiotic partnership. Every creative person that chooses to participate will give an exclusive opportunity of belonging to a platform that connects millions of people from different fields that project creativity all across the globe.

It will be communeal function of artists of all sorts, writers, digital creators, movie producers and media professionals who are building, sharing and promoting contents to a mostly targeted audience around the world.

Respective Creative partners will be offered a platform to distribute their Afrocentric contents to a wider audience and will also be supported with an opportunity to earn money through our monetization programme. We are an ethical business provider that creates opportunities for the next generation of talents in the creative industry in Africa and Diaspora.

At ForeMedia Creators, we support your passion for creating, innovative, entertaining and inspiring contents.

Interested persons should visit on how to be a partner.

ForeMedia Group Launches Niche Entertainment, Marketplace, and New Media Distribution Platform

London, July 15, 2020 – Africa comes roaring onto the world map as ForeMedia Group announces ForeTVHub. The platform is dedicated to elevating African people, entertainers and businesses all over the world. This development will ensure that Africans back home and abroad will have a better chance at success by plugging into ForeTVHub, a platform for Africans, by Africans.

ForeTVHub is reportedly going to inject improvements where necessary and be a hotspot for African media, entertainment, creativity, and commerce. These will include movies, news, art and culture, celebrities, sports, family, music, and exclusive. It gets better; a classified marketplace to help every African both at home and diaspora enjoy a more tailored shopping spree is also a part of ForeTVHub.

Aiming to become a world leader in its domain, ForeMedia Group has reportedly set itself a target, which includes reaching the estimated 200 million Africans in America, Europe, and Asia. The 1.2 billion Africans in Sub-Saharan Africa are also a target of the group.

Founded by Hareter Oralusi, ForeMedia Group will look to channel its effort into redefining content for African audiences through ForeTVHub. They have also indicated a keen interest in content distribution and online advertising for businesses and brands working with them. To ensure a continuously growing platform, ForeTVHub has highlighted that start-ups will have access to digital content development. 

ForeTVHub will have a ton of programs covering various trendy topics. These will include entertainment, movies, news, sports, kids and family, business, and more. Certain other programs will have sections on celebrities and lifestyles. With social media proving to be a reliable hub for content distribution, ForeTVHub will look to use its social media expertise to ensure effective content distribution viewers and listeners. 

ForeTVHub is driven by three strategies:

  • Redefine content to encourage and empower young talent in Africa, and also around the world.
  • Build businesses and brands with active participation from fans, supporters, and users having shared passions, values, and interests.
  • Use emerging technologies to enhance productivity thereby providing superior experiences to users.

The focus of ForeTVHub is strictly be on designing solutions based on what customers want and actualizing it through the use of technology. These solutions would amplify the choices of end-users. The group is looking to project itself as the most advanced network-aware, social media-aware system for publishing content suited to African users.

ForeTVHub makes 30 percent of its content while 70 percent of the distribution content would be sourced from individual creators and content-creation companies that produce content for global distribution. Community-focussed programs would lead to the creation of relevant content that is aptly priced for customers of the platform.  Through the initiative, the firm is looking to build a repository of content to suit the unique tastes of Africans. 

With the weight of African content curation resting on their shoulders, ForeMedia Group has its eyes on a plan to ensure continuity, and this involves inclusive growth. It means the firm would nurture talent and grow them professionally to participate in the creative industry for Africans, which is also in an evolving stage. Those who associate with the firm would have the chance to grow with the initiative and play a decisive part in expanding options that are available to Africans everywhere. 

To generate content that meets its priorities consistently, ForeTVHub will work with a community of creators. These people will oversee content creation across all active social media platforms. ForeMedia Group has thrown its doors open for artists, digital creators, movie producers, and media professionals to sign up and get a chance to build, share, and promote their content via ForeTVHub. And as far as money and payment go, the team at ForeTVHub will teach content creators how to monetize their work with a focus on quality.

ForeMedia Group is based in the UK and has received the backing of the UK government and the European Union. The company capitalizes on emerging technologies to provide better services to customers.


For more information, visit:

Media Contact:

Accelerator London

35 Kingstand Road

London, E2 8AA, UK

Email: [email protected] Tel: +44 208 158 5552

We are starting Movies and Documentary Production in Lagos, ForeMedia CEO

ForeMedia provides new solutions based on the power and possibilities of media, technology and creativity. ForeMedia develops, produce and distribute high-quality African content that cuts across entertainment, sport, business, news.

The company comprises of different platforms which include TVs, Magazines and Blogs to tell true stories and project the values of Africa to the World. ForeMedia Group Plc has introduced many brands including ForeTV, ForeTV News, ForeTV Sports, ForeTV Plus, ForeBlog, ForeMag, ForeMedia Events, ForeMedia Studios and a Social TV App, ForeLive.

According to PWC, Nigeria will be the world’s fastest growing E&M (Entertainment and Media) Market.

Reports states that despite the fact that the entertainment and media industry is receiving massive changes as a result of technology, changing business models and increased funding, the growth of the industry will be determined by consumer preference (that means what they fall in love with) not what you force on them.

According to the latest report, Nigeria is positioned to become the world’s fastest entertainment market in the next five years because the market will be regulated by consumers and fans.

ForeMedia Nigeria, a subsidiary of ForeMedia Group Plc will soon begin movies and documentaries production in Lagos Nigeria with the aim of sharing African culture and values.

Entertainment in Nigeria has always been a thriving industry and has helped portray African creativity at its best.

ForeMedia will help portray the African content through movies and documentary, bringing movies and documentary of great quality and educating content to you.