ForeMedia Group To Debut Own Reality TV Show

Known for its undying knack for promoting excellence among the youths of African root, ForeMedia Group, an Afrocentric digital media platform, is set to launch a reality show to hunt for and nurture talents among the African youngsters in the diaspora. The show is billed to take-off in US and UK this year.

Tagged “Brains & Talents”, the essence of the event is to empower black creators and artistes, and showcase the innovative talents of young black individuals and avail them the opportunity to get into various rewarding career pathways in the fields of new media and entertainment.

According to Ambassador Hareta Oralusi, Chairman of ForeMedia Group International, the programme is designed to offer support to individuals of all backgrounds and ensure that the underrepresented communities in Africa, United Kingdom and United States have equal access, while the physically challenged will not be left out in the talent hunt.

“The exposure on Brains and Talents can fulfill the participants’ dreams and career ambitions; and as multi-media is employment-intensive, if the talents are successful, they can also help to bring employment and much needed income to their communities.

“Ultimately, the projected long-term drive is a greater economic opportunity for youths – something which in turn, will not only result in improvements in other areas of their lives, but for the globe at large,” he effused with optimism.

To ensure effective conduct, the show is broken down into stages which will be coordinated by different committees.

The first stage – audition – takes place twice a year. The first round, referred to as “open auditions”, are held within small venues across different cities of Africa where each participant will be issued a unique tag for easy organisation.

This will be followed by the “First Straw”, the second round with the judges in attendance, holding very early in the following year in bigger venues with facilities to handle large crowds. This will naturally take place in cities, including Lagos, Nairobi and Pretoria. The venues will be well arranged to take care of the waiting area for participants, the wings where they enter and leave, and the main stage area where they will perform.

On the eligibility, the chiarman explained that the applicants will be allowed into the contest after the verification of the information they submitted is completed, and are found to have complied with the terms and conditions of the show. They are then permitted to perform during the open audition close to their point of residence. If successful, they are offered space for the second round.

ForeMedia said it has put all machinery in motion to ensure smooth and effective take off of the event, adding that they will be featured live in all major social media platforms.

Apart from putting its company in the face of established and upcoming content creators in order to create more content for Enplayer, Sounds, Books as well as Art and Culture, ForeMedia noted that the main objective of Brains and Talents was to reward the discovered talents with a space in ForeMedia Academy where the successful candidates will be tutored on the nitty-gritty of the talent exploration and development.

“Brains and Talents means a lot to the group’s overall strategic goal to build an ecosystem for content creators and a credible distribution platform for their lifework.”

ForeMedia Advertising Introduces Screen Ads

ForeMedia Advertising, a global digital advertising platform, has added Screen Ads to its array of products to further expand the space for its clients’ products to reach their target customers across the world.

An arm of ForeMedia Group, an international media outfit with the main focus of helping black youths in all corners of the world to attain the fullness of their potentials, ForeMedia Advertising is reputed for having the greatest reach to Black communities globally.

With products such as Audio Ads, Video Ads, Podcast Ads, Display Ads and Sponsored Contents, ForeMedia Advertising had used its platform to support businesses and brands of all sizes, increased user engagement for business, and ensure its clients and products are visible wherever they are located in the planet.

The new product, according to the company’s management, promises to be a perfect solution to many challenges faced in the advertising world.

The solution comes with an extensive range of competitively priced cutting-edge services, including a compelling ‘one-stop solution for brands, agencies and advertisers. It also features prime location outdoor and indoor Digital Screen Ads which specifically targets Blackcommunities and public places with large Black crowds Aimed at hitting the global market, ForeMedia Advertising provides a great campaign with impact to reach clients’ audience on screens everywhere.

Tuloh International: A Go-To For Professionals Seeking Greener Pasture Abroad

The growing influence of the internet has given more traction to the popular cliché – the world is a global village. The web is creating opportunities for people of different hues across all regions of the world to relate effective for mutual benefits.

Apart from the world of knowledge where education has become more liberalized, creating more access with relatively lower costs, one other area where the internet has shrank the world further is in job mobility. It is much easier for people, especially the youth, to move across trades, and up the ladder of their chosen career by taking advantage of the deluge of information available on the internet.

Interestingly, the information don’t come trickling, they pour! Thus, the frequency and its ubiquity can easily confuse any opportunity seeker. That is where institutions likes Tuloh International come into the stage to stand as a bridge between jobs seekers and their potential employers.

However, Tuloh International stands out among the park. In a world fraught with pretenders who take advantage of people’s desperation for job, the company goes the extra mile to assist professionals in getting the right job anywhere in the world and help them settle for business at the soonest possible time.

Since it began operations in 1999, the international recruitment agency has developed a good reputation as it formed successful long-term relationships with its partners and clients by providing them with innovative designs and effective solutions.

It is more visible in the health sector where it helps healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and care workers, from all corners of the world to fill lucrative vacancies outside the shores of their countries.

The United Kingdom has benefited more in its service as most of the recruits were offered placement in UK-based healthcare centres. In recognition of its efforts and capacity to do more, the National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom accepted it into its code of practice for international recruitment list recently.

“We provide consultation services to international candidates on registering with UK professional regulatory bodies including NMC, HCPC and Social Work England. In addition, we also provide consultancy service on applying for UK NARIC’s comparability of international qualifications and English language proficiency assessment,” the company said about itself.

“We assist International Radiographers who are registered with Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). In the UK Radiographers mostly work within diagnostic and therapeutic radiography services based in the NHS and Independent Hospitals. We provide start to finish assistance to candidates in their journey towards joining a UK employer,” the company said about itself.

Part of the reasons Tuloh International is gaining ground among international job seekers is how it prepares them for their kind of desired job, and also go all out to ensure that they are not denied comfort as they takeoff with the job.

This it ensures through its global services which simplifies the immigration process for international professional migrates by taking the responsibility for all immigration requirements when deploying a workforce. It also makes effective use of the internet for the management of mobilization services.

Until recently when it acquired operation license in Zimbabwe, Tuloh International kept operational bases in the UK and Nigeria.

ForeMedia targeting African American, South American market

ForeMedia is an African, International new media company tasked with the responsibility of creating and distributing African content and telling the African narrative the way it is to millions of people across the globe.

Its vision is to be the voice of the future, delivering high-quality African contents that cut across sectors in most culture and engaging way through technology.

With core values that revolve round excellence as it encourage creativity, integrity and promote African Cultural Heritage, ForeMedia is targeting African American and south American market through its studio in the United State (ForeMedia US).

According to the Global Migrant Origin Database, there are approximately 500 million Africans currently living in Diaspora and the population of Africans in Sub-Saharan Africa according to the 2018 report is 1,050,135,841. With the statistics of the population available, ForeMedia has a huge market audience to serve around the world.

ForeMedia US, a subsidiary of ForeMedia Group, is focused on promoting African originality and creativity with a view of reaching Africans and non-Africans living in the continent and diaspora.

ForeMedia US is set to develop, produce and disribute high quality African content that cut across entertainment, sport, business, news with a target of African American, South American Market.

According to the CEO ForeMedia Group Hareter Babatunde Oralusi, “African contents and traditions have always been essential to the world and it is now in the forefront of entertainment and multimedia.”

ForeMedia Shares double bottom line Opportunities

ForeMedia Group Plc, headquarters United Kingdom had announced the commencement of Trading on the 4th June 2019. This was stated after the Group boarding meeting on Thursday the 23th of May 2019.

The company is said to issue 2 million ordinary shares at 2 dollars 50 cent US Dollars equivalent to 2.00 British Pounds per unit Share.

ForeMedia Group Plc, has also provided a mouthwatering opportunity to individuals, organisation, companies, enterprise and others, who are ready to buy shares from ForeMedia.

The company brings a double bottom line opportunity, thereby providing and creating access for those who buy shares to impact in their society at large.

The Double Bottom Line Opportunity is set to accomplish positive social change and financial sustainability. It creates ways for your shares to contribute back to a social cause, save resources, or contribute to an effort you care about that betters society in some way.

The possibilities are endless from poverty alleviation to affordable housing to natural resource conservation to building needed infrastructure in a city or state.

The Double Bottom Line Opportunity funds create measurable economic, environmental and social returns, in the forms of jobs and wealth creation, community development.

ForeMedia Group Plc, through ForeMedia Shares, is creating a way for individuals, organisations, companies, enterprise and othes to give back to their society.

ForeMedia Adopted FairShares Principle

ForeMedia Group Plc, is an African, International media and digital communication services company driven with the latest Technology.

The company comprises of different platforms which include TVs, Magazines and Blogs to tell true stories and project the values of Africa to the World. ForeMedia Group Plc has introduced many brands including ForeTV, ForeTV News, ForeTV Sports, ForeTV Plus, ForeBlog, ForeMag, ForeMedia Events, ForeMedia Studios and a Social TV App, ForeLive.

ForeMedia is a Social Enterprise company guided with FairShares principles.

The FairShares Model is a brand and concept advanced by The FairShares Association to assist the creation of FairShares Enterprises. At the heart of the brand is the definition of social enterprise established by Social Enterprise Europe Ltd based on:

· Specifying social purpose(s) and evaluating impact(s) in a trading organisation;

 · Ethical review of product/service choices and the way they are delivered;

 · Integration of primary stakeholders into ownership, governance and management.

In the FairShares Model, primary stakeholders are regarded as:

 · Producers and employees (i.e. those who do the work of the organisation)

· Consumer and service users (i.e. those who depend on its products and services).

If a FairShares Enterprise does not integrate producers, employees, consumers or users into ownership, governance and management, it is not conforming to the FairShares Brand guidelines. Founder members and investors are regarded as secondary stakeholders if they do not work on, or depend on, the goods and services that the enterprise creates.

ForeMedia Group has adopted the Fairshares Model which will promotes recognition of capital contribution which includes natural, human, social, intellectual, and economic and also finances by founders, labors, users and financial supporters where every stakeholder is allocated a fairshare of the wealth and power created by this business.

According to the chairman and the CEO of ForeMedia Group Honorable Babatunde Oralusi , the fairshare model was developed to create and sustain networks of united enterprises that will share power and wealth among their entrepreneurs.

ForeMedia Group is passionate about Fairness and Fairshares introduces the principle of fairness in organizations. It takes effect after certain period of commitments by employees, employers are supposed to give a certain percentage of their profit to them making it a fair one.