The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has admitted ForeMedia Group into its fold.

The globally recognised digital media platform joined the coterie of distinguished London-based business community recently.

ForeMedia’s LCCI admittance came shortly after the black business community of the Chamber equally approved its membership application.

Joining either of these associations doesn’t come cheap as applications are subjected to rigorous scrutiny to ensure that the would-be member possesses the wherewithal to stay consistent with their jealously guided principles.

Having committed itself to Afrocentric causes with the main focus of discovering and promoting the otherwise hidden talents among the black African community across the world, ForeMedia Group sought to use the Black Business Association of the LCCi to further expand its scope to ensure that more of its target public get access to its offerings. The membership will also avail it the opportunity to interface with other business concern with similar focus to collaboration and mutual benefits.

Enrollment into the organisations give members access to useful information and uncommon opportunities that can help them grow their businesses and help deliver more efficiently on their respective mandates.