The Beauty of African Arts and Culture

Africa is a home to the thriving and unfathomable art culture. African Arts and Culture encompasses all that is mystical, spiritual, profound and insightful about Africa. It is powerful and always passes a message and emotion across. Sometimes, it could be happiness or sadness. It could portray joy or intense fear. It is beautiful beyond measure and very complex in its nature. African art is a cultural heritage that conveys various ideas. It is captivating as it takes us on both the historical and geographical African perspective.
Africa arts had been known to tell the story of African indigens or divulge African history. African arts have been said to encompass a diversity of paintings, sculpture, metal art, photography, contemporary textiles and thread art, printmaking and the likes. Paintings have been applied as art on rock and walls to assist in storytelling and recording important events.
Without a keen knowledge of the history and framework of African art, its traditional explanations, its religious and cultural point of views, its unique design and composition and its general characteristics, we would not be able to see and understand the importance of this contemporary African art, it’s specific meaning and function and what it signifies at this developing world of urbanisation. African arts normally have a cultural or religious basis.
An artwork considered beautiful is expected to be ethical in the sense that it portrays good morals, doctrine and tradition. In some parts of the continent, contemporary African art symbolised balance, social order and stability and social control.
Africans are certainly talented and intuitive in the sense that they attach perceptive and complex meanings when creating their piece of art. They include their personal motive, cultural motive and functionality all in one piece of art.
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