What is the Black Creative Stars programme all about?

At ForeMedia group, we have a passion for helping young black people who have not been able to display and sufficiently express their talent. We recognize that Africans are very gifted and we also know that most of these black young talents have not been given a platform to showcase these gifts and talents. At ForeMedia group Black Creative Stars, we aim, to attract talented young black people on the street, school dropouts, less privileged and unemployed youths.
The age range for participation is within the age 16-24 years old. We have selected this range because they are a representation of the youths’ population in Africa. They would be trained on how to create, distribute and monetize in media, film and TV, games design, arts and design, journalism, music performance and production and arts.
Our sole objective is to empower and train young black people who might be disadvantaged economically and educationally to gain employment and use their talent in the creative industry thereby reducing the rate of crime and deviance in the street, rebranding young Africans and changing their street life orientation, creating employment opportunities and a pathway for entrepreneurship, building a better life and fostering wealth creation within the black minority ethnic communities.
We appreciate talent and we are dedicated to promoting it. Investing and promoting these talents would also expose these young talents to a lot of opportunities for self-development and growth. It would also assist in empowering them to gain a high level of recognition and fame, be offered new and continuous training and to stand a high chance at sponsorship and mentorship. 

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